I felt a little bad about running behind schedule with updates, so I’ve chosen to release page 6 a little early. After all, what’s a Monday without a little cock-torture?

UPDATE: Just realized her mech-leg switched limbs this page. Classy. Also decided that, starting with this post, I’m going to start labelling pictures by issue/page in a cleaner, X.Y format. Thus, “Issue #2, pg 6” becomes “2.06”.



Hey folks! Sorry for the delay with page two; between private commissions, my day job, and traveling around to visit my family and friends, I’ve fallen a tad behind schedule. Not to worry, though! Issue #2: page 2 is completed, and will be posted as soon as soon as I’m able to get my grabbers on a scanner. Expect a posting Tuesday evening at the latest. In the meantime, stay warm, stay safe, and have a happy holidays!

Issue #1 – Cover Art

In my rush to post the first issue, I neglected to include the cover image! If you like this black-and-white linework edition of the cover, remember that those who give a basic patronage of $1 to our Patreon account receive access to full-color editions of this image and all cover artwork to come!